It’s been a busy 24 hours for your Gladwyne Firefighters!
By Gladwyne Volunteer Fire Company
August 11, 2023

We started off on Wednesday night with a visit to the MDA Camp at the Variety Club Campground to feed dinner to the MDA Campers.

After returning home, we handled a gas leak in the area of the gas station and McCaffrey’s. A little after 0100 hours ( 1 am) Gladwyne firefighters were dispatched to assist Bryn Mawr with a house fire in Radnor Township with Engin 24 and Air 24. Our crews assisted Bryn Mawr Firefighters with extinguishing the fire and filled up 30 air cylinders being used by firefighters inside the house fighting the fire.

We returned home at 0400 hours (4am) and restored our apparatus so that we were ready for the next call. At 0500 (5am) we were dispatched to the expressway with Belmont Hills Fire Company for an accident with injuries. There would be 2 additional fire alarms before lunch time.

An additional Fire alarm was handled just before dinner and then at dinner time we were dispatched to a microwave on fire in Gladwyne along with Engine 25 which is our friends from the Merion Fire Company of Ardmore.

Chief 24 arrived and determined that there was a fire in kitchen with smoke throughout the house. Engine 24 laid into the scene and stretched a handline in the house and quickly extinguished the fire. While the crew was fighting the fire, the Lower Merion Township working fire dispatch was transmitted (brings firefighters and apparatus from the other 6 stations to help at the scene).

All crews then cleaned and restored the apparatus and the company was available shortly before 2000 hours (8 pm.)

In the 24 hour period between Wednesday night and Thursday night your Gladwyne Firefighters handled 7 incidents, 2 of which were significant house fires.

And we forgot to add that all of the volunteers that were up all night helping our community, then went to work all day…..

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FIREFIGHTERS for all of your hard work.