Gladwyne Response To Norristown For Three-Alarm Fire
By Radio Room
November 2, 2020

Gladwyne Firefighters spent Monday afternoon in Norristown helping to extinguish a 3 alarm fire!

Gladwyne Firefighters were dispatched shortly after 1330 hours (1:30pm) with Ladder 24 on the second alarm for a large building fire that included 8-10 row homes. Upon arrival of Ladder 24 we were assigned to the rear alley to throw ladders and protect the exposures. Ladder 24 was able to maneuver the alley way and put the main ladder to the back side of the row of homes. All of the ground ladders were thrown to the building and we also cut open the fences so that we had a direct path from yard to yard. Crews then assisted with multiple firefighting duties.

About an hour after the ladder was dispatched, Engine 24 was dispatched on the 3rd alarm.

GFC Members were in Norristown until just after 1830 hrs (630pm). While we were in Norristown additional Gladwyne Firefighters staffed our station in Gladwyne to ensure that our community was protected as well.

Great job to everybody on the fire scene dealing with this difficult fire.