A Letter to the Gladwyne Community regarding COVID-19
By Radio Room
March 18, 2020

In response to the Coronavrius (COVID-19) outbreak and subsequent social distancing policies, the Gladwyne Fire Company has made significant changes to daily operations in and around the firehouse. Community response is – and always will be – our top priority. Keeping our staff, volunteer members, and their families safe is equally important.

We have restricted access to ONLY members of the organization. All doors will remain locked. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, PLEASE DIAL 9-1-1 OR USE THE CALL BOX ON THE FRONT APRON OF FIREHOUSE. While we are incredibly appreciative of community members who often drop off food or treats for our volunteers, we ask that you consider donating to a local food bank. Any donations to the firehouse must be packaged foods only.

There will be no tours or community events until further notice. For those with scheduled birthday parties in the near future, please contact Assistant Chief James McLean at 610-642-9586.

During emergency calls for service, you may be asked to step outside and speak with a ranking fire officer to limit contact and exposure. PLEASE notify the dispatcher or first arriving emergency service member if someone in your home is sick or has been sick! In the event of confirmed false alarms or system malfunctions, firefighters may not enter your home or building unless required.

We are all in this together. This pandemic is unprecedented. It will take time, patience, and a collective effort from all. Gladwyne, our small village, will see ourselves out eventually!

Be well,

Blaine W. Leis
Fire Chief, Gladwyne Fire Company