Ladder 24 Assists Norristown Fire Department
By Radio Room
August 5, 2019

GFC Firefighters were dispatched just after 3pm on Monday to assist Norristown Fire Department with Ladder 24. Our original assignment was to stand by at the Montgomery Hose and cover any additional calls in Norristown. Just before arriving at the Montgomery Hose, Ladder 24 was called into the scene to assist with roof work on the main fire building and the exposure.

Upon arrival, Command cleared a spot in front of the building so that Ladder 24 could access multiple sides of the building to work on the roof. GFC Firefighters then assisted with peeling off the metal roof and extinguishing additional hot spots.

Gladwyne Firefighters returning to Gladwyne at 6pm were additional Gladwyne firefighters were staffing the station to cover any additional calls in our own district.

Great job by all firefighters on location during this hot and humid day.

Units: Ladder 24
Mutual Aid: Station 27, Station 29, Station 31, Station 35, Station, 43, Station 44, Station 46, Station 47, Station 48, Station 49, Station 53, Station 56, Station 61,