Gladwyne Firefighters Recieve Swift Water Rescue Award
By Radio Room
January 28, 2019

On Monday evening, the Board of Directors and Chief Leis hosted the Annual Meeting of the Gladwyne Fire Company.

The Chief's and President's Award was presented to seven Firefighters for their heroic efforts on August 13th, 2018, during a water rescue operation in Upper Merion Township. The team entered floodwaters that had trapped a male who sought safety on the roof of his vehicle and successfully removed him to dry land. Chief Jim Gallagher and Assistant Chief Bob Smull of King of Prussia Vol. Fire Co. were in attendance and joined in praising the members for their act of bravery.

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Congratulations to the following Gladwyne Firefighters for their heroic actions that resulted in the rescue of a driver trapped in Swift water:

Deputy Chief Andrew Block
Assistant Chief John Remillard
Assistant Chief James McLean
Firefighter Andy Culbertson
Firefighter Dan Hudecki
Firefighter James Stewart
Firefighter Justin Fusaro

The Top Attendance Awards were given to the following members:

James Stewart
Dan Hudecki
James McLean
Sean Meals
Blaine Leis
Alan David
George Hofstetter
Brian Brown
Sam Leis
Colin Flanagan
Andy Block
Justin Fusaro

In addition to the awards, the following Fire Officers were re-elected (all unopposed):

Chief Blaine Leis, Fire Chief
Assistant Chief Christopher Flanagan, First Assistant Chief
Assistant Chief John Remillard, Second Assistant Chief

The following individuals were elected as Board of Directors:

Albert Breuers
Janine Budzius
Dr. Howard Friedberg, MD
Joseph “Mickey” McDermott
Erik Guenther