Gladwyne Firefighters Stayed Busy On Saturday Morning
By Radio Room
May 5, 2018

Gladwyne Firefighters were busy on Saturday! The first call of the day was at 0130 (am) for an accident with injuries on the expressway. The 2nd call was at 0830 (am) for a trash truck accident at Hollow and River Roads. The final call of the morning was at 1145 (am) for a tree fire on Mill Creek Road. This called turned out to be a large tree that fell across the power lines blocking the entire road and setting fire to the embankment between Mill Creek Road and Conshohocken State Road. Firefighters were on scene of this call for just over 2 hours.

Thank you to all of the Volunteers who committed over 4 hours of their time responding to calls on Saturday morning.

Units: Engine 24, Engine 24-1 and Ladder 24